Envisioning change

Established in 1980, NJPRA is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and a chapter of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA). NJPRA is also a member of NJ Mental Health Coalition and supports the coalition’s agenda for strengthening rehabilitation and treatment options in New Jersey. Our members are professionals who work in more than 50 mental health agencies and organizations throughout New Jersey. Our membership also includes students, persons with the lived experience of mental illness, and their families.

Creating opportunity

The Association represents professionals and consumers from a broad spectrum of community based services including partial care, acute partial hospital, supported employment, supported housing, supported education, PACT, ICMS and peer services, as well as academic programs that prepare psychiatric rehabilitation professionals.

Promoting hope


As a membership organization, NJPRA strives to ensure that NJ’s mental health workforce reflects the values and practice of the discipline and science of Psychiatric Rehabilitation; providing wellness and recovery oriented services for individuals with behavioral health challenges so that they may achieve their fullest potential and satisfaction in their lives. We promote a wellness and recovery oriented system of care through advocacy, education, and workforce development. 


To support a system of care that promotes state of the art, wellness and recovery oriented mental health services that put the individual first, guarantees dignity, hope, respect, and access to all needed services.


NJPRA values the principles and practices of psychiatric rehabilitation including: Hope, respect, learning, diversity, partnership, integration, self-determination, and person-centered services.

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