John Kulesza


John worked at CSPNJ for over 21 years in a variety of roles. His past experiences include working in a hospital-based community mental health center as assistant director. John has experience running programs including a club model psychiatric rehabilitation day program. He has experience in the field of developmental disabilities, working with adults & adolescents. John was the first Director of Supportive Services for CSPNJ, where he ushered in psychiatric rehabilitation as a philosophy and service approach and was instrumental in centralizing the operations of the CSPNJ regional offices. John was the Chief Compliance Officer at CSPNJ and played a major role in preparing CSPNJ for third party billing. John is currently the Deputy Director of the Southern Region and is a major part of the effort to administratively integrate all the agency’s services.

John is a leader in NJPRA. He is a lifelong learner; having earned his BSW in 1980 and his MSW in 1985, he earned 24 credits toward his doctoral degree. John is the recipient of the Mort Gati Award in 2014 and NJPRA Supervisor of the year award in 2009. John has served NJPRA as past treasurer and Vice President. He is committed to mission, vision, and values of CSPNJ and Psychiatric Rehabilitation. John believes that we achieve success by helping others to succeed.